TTO Digital Tach & Hour Meter
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the Digital Tachometer and hour meter! We love these things! Small, easy to install, clean looking. Available in silver or black faces. We carry silver & black, and special order neon orange, just fyi. If you're in a hurry dont get neon orange.

Say goodbye to "rode hard and put away wet" syndrome with these handy dandys 

Truly worth the pennies, as you'll know exactly how fast that crank is spinning. Helping you to know when enough is enough, how hot she's running. and when the poor girl just can't take anymore. 

These things tell you the 2 most important things about your engine, I dont get why you havent already clicked "buy". I'm waiting.... still waiting... CLICK buy! 

ok, wanna know why? because if you know the temperature, you can dial in your jetting so much faster and more accurate! you know if youre running rich or lean and how far to lean it out without damaging anything and seizing bearings.  If you have the tach, you can dial in your porting and pipe lengths, and duh- how fast you're going. honestly i dont get ehy we dont sell out of these daily. 


anyhow, happy riding, and get one of these! 


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TTO Digital Tach & Hour Meter

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