Skyhawk GT Rear Disc Caliper Bracket
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The Rear disc Caliper bracket!

Brand new and hot off the CNC machines, KWMachine and JCM have collaborated on the only solution for adding a disc brake to your new gold frame aluminum china magic frame! Yes! youo too can have a disc brake on that bad ass bike with this "magicaliper". Made from aircraft /spacecraft aluminum. (seriously. KW makes parts that are on the space station and Mars rover) just slip over the axle, add 1/8" spacer, and install the wheel. the caliper mount bracket uses the frame as a back stop when brake is applied. forward rotation ensures that the bracket, while free floating, wants to rotate forward and hit the frame so it never moves, if you're wondering. Proven on Jake's racer, this thing will handle 50mph stops with a 200lb rider. (dont quote us or hold us to it, but its been done.) *results may vary. there- does that prevent a lawsuit? the asterisk disclaimer...? well, anyway, this thing is just pure awesome. Don't blame us for you having a good time!

Now Available- Avid BB7 brake kits (rotor and caliper) found on the "accessories" page

  • Rear Disc Brake for goldbikes!!:
  • Item #: 100
  • Manufacturer: JCM/KWMachine

Skyhawk GT Rear Disc Caliper Bracket

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