Rocket Racing Advanced CDI
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Rocket Racing CDI. 

This CDI will make your bike run totally SMOOTH!! After Years of disbelief and running the stock CDI's on our bikes, We have finally SEEN THE LIGHT!! Small and compact in a medicine bottle, this CDI will heal what ails your electrical system. Incredibly simple and effective, this is worth EVERY PENNY. If you aren't sure what this is, its really simple. This Rocket Racing CDI improves ignition timing in 2 stroke engines, particularly the Rocket Racing CDI has been designed to be direct replacement for the stock CDI for the 80cc/60cc 2 stroke bicycle motor kits. Significantly higher speeds and better performance on top of any other modifications you have made-- more horsepower than you will know what to do with.

"I used to think small misfires and roughness  was  from an odd porting, or a wonky intake, or maybe a bad plug, etc.. after installing this on my bike- it was like a totally different experience. SO SMOOTH  its crazy. power delivery is more potent and perfect from 200-10,000rpm. Never going back to stock. The only CDI i will run on my personal bikes" --


"the Jaguar box's timing curve is opposite in advance, and not suited for a 2 stroke engine, and the other Clunky option out there is the large box lightning, which does work--if you have the room on your bike for a shoebox"...

      - Hank D. 

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Rocket Racing Advanced CDI

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