Mikuni 18mm Carburetor
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$6 below price! Mikuni 18mm carb for 66/80c motorbikes. This Carb is very high quality, larger and more tuneable then the stock NT & Dellorto. Used by Kawasak and yamahai for their motocross bikes, This carb will get you the volume your engine needs to be a screamer!. (jets sold seperaely). For that high performance engine you've been wanting! Start here!  special hog snout  intake required, as this one will not just bolt on to the stock intake.  We suggest adding A ported cylinder and expansion chamber with this, great quick mods for power--  Jake's personal favorite carb.


these come with stock jetting of 70 main. 30 pilot. They tend to run rich from the factory, and weather does change, therefore we offer some alternate size jets for your convenience. 

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  • Manufacturer: mikuni

Mikuni 18mm Carburetor

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