motorized bicycle sprocket clamp will make your life a lot easier! just 2 bolts and this baby holds onto your rear hub like a charm. bolt on the sprocket in about 30 seconds and go!
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A must have for the Motorized Bike! keep that chain from flying off, keep that wheel from warping, Keep those spokes from bending! Get er done! More worth it than you know. And darned good looking!. Even tooth sized sprockets from Goat Climber 48t down to 30t street racers.  beware the 30! you must have 5hp+ or you wont get out of your own way. For additional sprockets, please visit Aluminum sprockets







  • keeps chain alignment perfect! : very high
  • Item #: 56
  • Manufacturer: Pirate Machine

3 pc. Billet Aluminum Sprocket & Hub-Clamp kit!

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