3-hole Aluminum Sprockets
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The Best Aluminum Sprockets Custom cut for our billet aluminum hub clamp, not the biscuit setup. we have the Largest center hole for easy installation and quick changes without removing the coaster brake arm.  Wanting a different speed? want some interchangeable options? Already have a 3 piecce adapter clamp and need a change in pace? Well here ya go. many sizes to choose from! you must add to cart one at a time. due to website limitations we cannot use the auto-inventory-tracking aspect for each size of this product.  Please understand that the size you want may not be in stock. we keep even sizes 30-48 in stock to the best of our ability. Also- notice that unlike other companies, we do not suck. thanks!  We are now offering special order  thin sprockets for 410 regular bicycle chain for the 3 hole sprocket adapter clamp!!!!! For those with Grube skyawk GT  engines, you will not need to change your engine's drive sprocket and kit supplied chain!! engines must be highly modified and powered up to run anything smaller than a 36t

  • keeps chain alignment perfect! :
  • lightweight, strong and attractive!:
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3-hole Aluminum Sprockets

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