here's a couple examples to peruse. Pick your color and and these are some of the included kit parts
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We spend our days building bikes for people, now its your turn! grab one of these babies and POOF! you got the best DIY kit out there. Here's the thing- You're thinking- "i saw motorbike kits on another site for $350!! this is ridiculous!!"... or something similar. well, guess what you get? a cheap lightweight rattletrap that wont last through a pot hole. Maybe it will, who knows. but the bottom line is, our Skull X Bones bikes are the bomb diggity. smooth, strong, 4.5" longer then the cheapo's, heavier duty, better quality paint, easier to mount the engine, sexier... jeez, we could just go on and on like many of the folks out there who liike these things. (Hopefully You get the point, we like em). And for very good reason. We've built a few bikes around here, and experience dictates that if  100% of our customers are satisfied with these frames, then they must be good. So you'd better go pick a color. click here. and if you call to ask what we think about these bikes? be prepared for a very smart-assed answer. it's written right here. and you've read it. and 1000 words is worth a... shit. went off track there... sorry.


    We include a 66cc silver eagle engine, pre assembled with tender loving care, and a rear sprocket clamp and sprocket of your size delight. 40t suggested for the average town. 44t for hilly areas, 36 or 38 for the flip flop footed flatlander floridians. 


This is the DIY kit of the century! (which says a lot, cause we're 13 years into this century!! lolololollolol ell oh ell )

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  • Manufacturer: HBBC

more photos of badass kit bikes for reference

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