Top End Power Pack

BAM! Kick it up a notch with the power top end from Jakes.

Bolt on power like no other! This Complete kit will work on any 66cc engine, please specify which manufacturer when ordering!! This Kit includes Jake's Jug ported cylinder, Cut-on Piston, A 6.0cc chamber High Compression head,  power-plenum intake or Jakes hog snout intake, Mikuni VM-18 carburetor and gaskets. We have chosen The Mikuni for the quality &  reliability. Solid reliable and smooth, delivering much more bottom end torque than the smaller 14 and 15mm carburetors., this is the right choice. Tuning a Mikuni will require some reading on your part but once you have it dialed in for your area and temp, you'll be very happy. We've found that this is the happier-customer-version. It comes with a .070 main jet, and a .030 pilot jet. Here at sea level in the 70*'s we have found that a 65 main jet and 25 pilot jet are the right combo. 

A la Carte total of $400, we are offering this amazing kit at $349. You Save $50!

* If you have a Grube engine please specify. You will need a couple of extra gaskets, a different piston, and a secret little trick, which will be even MORE powerful than the other guys. please allow 4 weeks for delivery, as these are custom made for you!

you will want to have 2 jet sets for two steps leaner than stock, as the carbs come with large, rich Jets.( .070 main jets in all carbs. ) and a .025 and 0.27.5 pilot jets. try starting with a .065 main and a .025 pilot

email tp make sure your order is correct! Thank you!

Top End Power Pack

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