Speed Racer Engine
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the SPEED RACER Engine, reg $399

Tired of being at the back of the pack? wanting some zip in your Zap?! This 6 hp beauty comes with a ported cylinder, Billet aluminum high compression head, large volume intake, and a notched/time-adjusted piston. This is a toned down version of the $625 race engine without  balanced bottom end, which woul technically $350 in labor. Beat your friends in a showdown, or just get to school faster. your call. If you already have a good bottom end, then you can alternatively order the top end power pak. It's  the same thing. 

Available!! MADE TO ORDER, JUST FOR YOU! Therefore please expect 2-3 weeks delivery

*Not for use on Ca. Streets and does not come with bike controls kit, tank, chain, etc.. ENGINE ONLY 

*Mikuni Carb required for use. Not included. Yes, we do sell them. and if we're out- more will come soon.. unfortunately the supply is limited, and we went and made them real popular...oopsie ;-/) the mikuni comes with 70/30 jetting. we use 65/25 jetting@ sea level 70*-85*. we live in Los Angeles.. that is our year round temp zone. you may need to use leaner jetting if its higher and hotter where you live. humidity also plays a role. *we think the stock 70/30 must be for very cold temperatures. not sure, but most of us in Ca. use 65/25, or 60/25 in hot summer conditions. 

  • Item #: 5150
  • Manufacturer: JCM Racing

Speed Racer Engine

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