Silver Eagle 66cc engine kit
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SILVER EAGLE 2 stroke bike engine kit. 

From the superior craftsmanship to the extra parts included in the kit, you will know as soon as you open the box that you picked a winner. This engine was specifically designed for Jakes bikes. they fit our SXB Cruisers and many other frames out there without needing an additional mounting plate.  like a saddle on a horse, the engine sits directly on modern large tube bicycles.  Similar to the silver jet, but The 51mm wide front mount and 8mm front studs let you know its a Silver Eagle.
               All of  our motorized bicycle engine kits come with everything but the gas and oil. Convert your men's cruiser to a 20-40 MPH and 100-150 Miles per gallon machine. 2 Stroke Motors require oil mixed in with the gas. 32:1 (4oz per Gallon) when motor is new and 32 to 1 (4oz per Gallon) after break in period (about 1 or 2 tanks).
You can still pedal bike like normal with clutch lever held in or locked in with button. To start a 2 Stroke Bicycle Motor just hold in the clutch and pedal to get some speed then release the clutch to "Bump Start" the motor and off you go. To come to a stop once the engine is running you can hold in clutch and engine will idle. Push Kill Switch on throttle to kill motor, clutch must be held in when bike is in motion or motor will keep running.
Engine kit will add about 24 lbs to your bike. Fits most standard V frame Men's 24" and bigger, we suggest 26". Engine kit is about 8.5" height 7" length 5" width.
Included is the tried and true NT Carb. 

 Hint #276 : you should get the billet sprocket adapter kit as well, and make life easy on yourself. we will ship together

We cannot figure out the automated web shipping function of the web host, so in an effort to not charge $30 to ship a gasket, we are having to include shipping in the price, while allowing for  the website's $10 flat rate charge thats added as well. confusing? yes, but all you have to do is "click" :)


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Silver Eagle 66cc engine kit

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