Mikuni vortex  Air Cleaner by malossi
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The finest filter found!

For those of us who have found the light at the end of the Mikuni tunnel, this here is the switch. Air filtration is key, as engines don't run on dirt, unfortunately. This here filter is also a venturi/velocity stack, increasing air velocity and reducing the temperature as it enters the carb, aiding in a cool fuel mixture which aids in power. its a win/win setup! Oh, and did we forget- its a 90* turn, so it wont hit your seat post! WHAMMY! Now you Have to get one(not that you didnt just a second ago)

this filter mount opening is 32mm. (phbg sized). fits the mikuni VM-18 like a trojan. ohh-rah! And if youre  just now getting a power-up intake setup, you'll need a hog-snout intake for the mikuni VM-18 to mount to the engine as well. 


check availability, and remember- if you are one of those who HAS to know exactly where your new part is at every step of the 3 day trip, use paypal, you'll get tracking info updates automatically. Usually...;)


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Mikuni vortex Air Cleaner by malossi

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