Jake's Ported Racing Cylinder
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Ported Hi-Flow Cylinder Gain HP with this easy 1 step modification! with Jake's ported cylinders, powerful takeoffs and higher top speeds are just around the corner! you owe it to yourself to live the dream. Many copycats have popped up, and most charge more for a lessor product. Read reviews on Jake's race engines and modified parts for clarity:)

   High compression head, Expansion chamber, intake and carburetor (in that order)  can or should follow this step. (at least the pipe). a great first upgrade would be a jakejug, cut-on piston, and pipe.

Please specify engine type in drop down window. Grube skyhawk GT-5 has its own porting, but  the rest are all the same and interchangeable. (basically)


  • Item #: 50
  • Manufacturer: JCM Racing

Jake's Ported Racing Cylinder

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