Hawk GT-5  66cc 2 stroke engine KIT
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From the Skyhawk GT-5 Factory, comes the silver 'hawk. New and definitely improved.


  The Highest quality made.  Serioualy. For those who are fans of the venerable skyhawk GT-5. These have Stainless main bolts, piston and rod have needle bearings , ultra smooth castings. This  2-stroke motor has the proven reputation of the  skyhawk GT-5,  strong, fast and high quality hardware. This Kit contains everything you need to make your bike a 30mph Motorbike! uses the "center pin" piston. (different than the low pin  Silver Eagle 1). wide 51mm or Standard 40mm front mount bolt pattern..  The 51mm will mount directly to a standard wide bottm-tube cruiser or MTB, and the 40mm  works with the Felt Mounts, stretch bike adapters, etc.. Comes with a wide frame adapter, gear puller tool, and quality spark plug. 


 Hint #276 : We think you should get the billet sprocket adapter kit as well, and make life easy on yourself. we will ship together. the stock sprocket kit found in ALL MB kits sucks and kills wheels.. just sayin'...


certain pictures may differ from actual product.  in certain photos, race performance parts may be shown, but theyre not necessarily included.. 

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Hawk GT-5 66cc 2 stroke engine KIT

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