GT-5 PowerStroke engine kit
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The Newest of the New! the  Red-tail GT-5 power stroke

Only from Jakes, the company that brings you solid, reliable fast & smooth engines. We've outdone the competition on this one. Heck, we've outdone ourselves! This engine is BALLS! 40mm Stroke crank! (thats 2mm longer than the rest, adding much needed torque and horsepower out of the box.)  The GT-5 RT  is a "triple 40" motor. 40mm stroke, 40mm wide intake bolt pattern to accomodate larger intake/carb setups, and a 40mm front saddle mount for those big tube bicycles. Every aspect of this engine is a step above. the ports are smoother, larger, and factory timed for optimal performace. the transfers are huge, the exhaust is correctly timed and large.

Are we gushing?! YES!! why the heck wouldnt we. Afer Waiting 3 months for this first batch to arrve in port, we are thrilled to offer them to you, the serious enthusiast. Treat yourself to one of these engines. add a head and a pipe and BAM! youre cookin' with Gas!! or speeding.. one of the two...


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GT-5 PowerStroke engine kit

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