Billet High Compression "Diamond Head"
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Billet Aluminum High Compression Diamond Head. The Newest available! This head adds HP and a classic  bad ass shovelhead look. This aerospace quality aluminum head not only looks cool, it keeps your engine cool and bumps up compression. With Loads of fin surface area, it wicks away heat better than any other head available. Squish-band design seats the head perfectly into the cylinder funneling gasses precisely to the combustion point at the spark plug, increasing efficiency and reducing potential detonation; a condition where hot spots in the engine cause the fuel to combust in unwanted areas such as under the piston, or at various undesirable points inside the chamber. Correct compression will not only increase power, but cooling as well. Ever had a stock engine overheat? look at how small the cooling fins are, and how large the combustion chamber is- recipe for detonation and overheating.

These heads are a must have item.! Made with Keiser aluminum. 100% american designed and made. Not like the copycat communist cuban miami thief who is selling crap versions of my heads!  We won't run any of our personal bikes without them. You may see cheaper copies out there, but do your homework & read the reviews. You'll be quite enlightened. We aim to transform the look of the modern motorized bicycle while increasing performance in both cooling and HP!


NOW Available!!

head uses NGK B8ES plug 


*this head bears no similarity to any other on the market. 

  • cools while increasing power!:
  • Item #: 90
  • Manufacturer: JCM Racing

Billet High Compression "Diamond Head"

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