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Happy Springtime! The snow is melting and the parts are a' comin'! We have new high flow intakes coming  for both the 32mm intake NT Carb, and 32 & 40mm intake for the Mikuni. Jakes "Hog Snout" is the only billet aluminum intake to fit the Mikuni VM-18, our favorite Carb. We Also have Temp & Tach Guages for this season, and in a few weeks- The "Diamond Head"!!!!! The Most classically stylish HC Head to arrive designeed specifically for the 66cc Motorized Bicycle. This 6.1cc high compression head will blow your mind :-D ...Expect them in early May!

We Pack on Mondays & Wednesdays, ship on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Remember!- We are a BIKE BUILDING company, NOT AMAZON.COM. PLEASE have patience when you place an order. Plan ahead if you want something, and dont sit by the mailbox waiting for it. We ARE processing your order, and it WILL get to you. (If you use paypal, You will even receive your tracking number when the postman scans your box!) . Remember that this is a small and growing hobby, and suppliers and supplies are limited and sometimes hard to come by. A lot of the parts are made by weekend warriors in their garages, so sometimes  it takes time to get things... patience, grasshopper!

We build a lot of the parts TO-ORDER, like layback seat posts, ported cylinders, cu-on pistons, top end power paks, etc... 

  Thanks for your patronage!

       Now accepting diamond head pre-orders, the first 50 orders got a free sprocket adapter with pre order of head!! ( sold already!)

    motorized bicycle sprocket clamp will make your life a lot easier! just 2 bolts and this baby holds onto your rear hub like a charm. bolt on the sprocket in about 30 seconds and go! Front Wheel Disc Conversion Kit Aluminum Sprockets
    3 pc. Billet Aluminum Sprocket & Hub-Clamp kit!Front Wheel Disc Conversion KitAluminum Sprockets
    Street Racer Engine Top End Power Pack Ported Racing Cylinder
    Street Racer EngineTop End Power PackPorted Racing Cylinder
    billet sprocket clamp only Silver Eagle 66cc engine kit 'Hawk GT-5  66cc 2 stroke engine kit
    billet sprocket clamp onlySilver Eagle 66cc engine kit 'Hawk GT-5 66cc 2 stroke engine kit
    AMAZING Layback Seatpost Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit Cut-on Piston
    AMAZING Layback SeatpostFront Disc Brake Conversion KitCut-on Piston
    here's a couple examples to peruse. Pick your color and and these are some of the included kit parts the Anodized rainbow is now available. check out the red and the black ones. no room for more pix..:( The "Disc Biscuit" rear disc drive setup
    more photos of badass kit bikes for reference Billet High Compression "Diamond Head"The "Disc Biscuit" rear disc drive setup
    4G 48cc 4 stroke! shipping included! Jakes Stickers!! (4.5" paralelogram) Jake's Custom T-shirt
    4G 48cc 4 stroke! shipping included!Jakes Stickers!! (4.5" paralelogram)Jake's Custom T-shirt
    Mikuni 18mm Carburetor the Outlaw! "engine spur" chain tensioner HD throttle cable
    Mikuni 18mm Carburetorthe Outlaw! "engine spur" chain tensionerHD throttle cable
    Skyhawk GT Rear Disc Caliper Bracket the photos include the main components of this conversion kit various applications of disc brake
    Skyhawk GT Rear Disc Caliper BracketRear Disc Brake Wheel Conversion KitDisc Brakes!
    Dual Brake Lever Heavy Duty Throttle Gas Tank, Giant Black
    Dual Brake LeverHeavy Duty ThrottleGas Tank, Giant Black
    Case Saver chain guide Felt Bicycle Motor Mount set Skyhawk GT2 Aluminum bicycle frame
    Case Saver chain guideFelt Bicycle Motor Mount setSkyhawk GT2 Aluminum bicycle frame
    Disc Brake Lever Boost Bottle (single chamber) Magneto Coil
    Disc Brake LeverBoost Bottle (single chamber)Magneto Coil
    inline filter- slick offset intake Gas Tank-giant, Aluminum
    inline filter- slick offset intakeGas Tank-giant, Aluminum
    Case Quiet! please specify hi pipe or low pipe when ordering. no performance difference. hi pipe can burn legs, use extra caution. low pipe can hit ground based obstacles and break. either one will work great Awesome Throttle!
    Case Quiet!High Performance Expansion ChamberAwesome Throttle!
    48cc (engraved) Magneto cover HD 36h 12g spoke wheel Chrome Case Set!
    48cc (engraved) Magneto coverHD 36h 12g spoke wheelChrome Case Set!
    Chrome Clutch Case Cover Chrome Drive Sprocket cover Chrome Exhaust pipe
    Chrome Clutch Case CoverChrome Drive Sprocket coverChrome Exhaust pipe
    Chrome Gas Tank Clutch Cover Gasket Exhaust Heat Diffuser
    Chrome Gas TankClutch Cover GasketExhaust Heat Diffuser
    Clutch acutator bucking bar Clutch Cable Stock Exhaust
    Clutch acutator bucking barClutch CableStock Exhaust
    Front Adapter Mount for Wide frame bikes Crank Seal, left side Clutch basket and Pads
    Front Adapter Mount for Wide frame bikesCrank Seal, left sideClutch basket and Pads
    Cylinder Base Gasket Cylinder Head Gasket countershaft  Sprocket
    Cylinder Base GasketCylinder Head Gasketcountershaft Sprocket
    Crank Seal Anti Vibration motor mount Exhaust gasket- OEM
    Crank SealAnti Vibration motor mountExhaust gasket- OEM
    Gas Cap Japanese Crank Bearing set Gas tank-Stock, black
    Gas CapJapanese Crank Bearing setGas tank-Stock, black
    Heavy Duty Chain 415 Hi Flow Intake Ignition CDI
    Heavy Duty Chain 415Hi Flow IntakeIgnition CDI
    Improved Clutch Lever Inline Fuel Filter Intake Gasket
    Improved Clutch LeverInline Fuel FilterIntake Gasket
    Stock throttle housing/ kill switch Magneto Case Cover Gasket Missing Link
    Stock throttle housing/ kill switchMagneto Case Cover GasketMissing Link
    Monark II  Forks Racing Air Cleaner Spring tension chain idler
    Monark II ForksRacing Air CleanerSpring tension chain idler
    Monark II disc adapter Motor mount stud-PAIR mounting plate - 4 stroke
    Monark II disc adapterMotor mount stud-PAIRmounting plate - 4 stroke
    NT Carb Piston Piston pin needle bearing
    NT Carb PistonPiston pin needle bearing
    Piston pin retaining clips- set Piston Rings-set Rear Rack Gas Tank
    Piston pin retaining clips- setPiston Rings-setRear Rack Gas Tank
    Spark Plug Spark Plug boot Speed Carburetor
    Spark PlugSpark Plug bootSpeed Carburetor
    Wide cranks Woodruff Key Cylinder- Ported
    Wide cranksWoodruff KeyCylinder- Ported

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